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"I have been going to Pro Rehab in Chelmsford for a few issues and they are the best. All the employees there are fantastic and care about their patients. Always make sure that treatments and exercises are working and not hurting me. "
Oct 16, 2020
"I suffered a knee injury that prevented me from doing most basic daily activities. Pro Rehab@Chelmsford are experts in knee treatment and know exactly what one needs on their road to recovery. Special thanks to Kal for working with me tirelessly during rehab. Virginia thank you for accommodating my schedules . George thank you so much for heading such a professional team... I will definitely recommend Pro Rehab "
Oct 08, 2020
"On a scale from 1-5 this place is a 10. Pro Rehab staff are amazing!! I highley recommend this place to anyone that needs PT. Special shot out to Sandra at the front desk for always being accomadating. Tom your an amesome PT!! Erin was very professional and knowledgeable Thank you Erin for all of your help you are the best. "
Oct 07, 2020
"I've have been to Pro Rehab multiple times since 2006. I have received excellent care with the team with Pro Rehab. I would highly recommend this physical therapy clinic to anyone. I've been treated with care and respect during my time here. Erin has been my favorite over the years. She gives warmth with my care. They are also very accommodating with scheduling."
Oct 06, 2020
"I have been coming to Pro Rehab for many years and I really appreciate the excellent service I have received from the staff. They are very pleasant and professional. They treat you with respect and love. They really care for all the patients. I have been coming to Pro Rehab for a long time and every time there is a need for me for therapy, I will come back to Pro Rehab. You are the best I highly recommend Pro Rehab to all my friends and family"
Oct 05, 2020
"I am very happy with the care and treatment I've received at ProRehab in Chelmsford. The office is clean, the staff is extremely knowledgeable and the place runs like clockwork. My shoulder has been steadily improving since day 1. I would recommend them to anyone needing Physical Therapy. "
Oct 01, 2020
"All ProRehab staff are professional, courteous and knowledgeable. I was completely at ease with my level of therapy and felt very secure that I was getting the best treatment. Highly recommended."
Sep 28, 2020
"I am a healthcare professional snd highly recommend Pro Rehab for physical therapy. Extremely professional and knowledgeable staff. Always easy to make an appointment!"
Sep 10, 2020
"Doctor’s couldn’t find why I had excruciating pain on my spine! For a couple of years I couldn’t sit down or stand up and find a comfortable position to sleep. I am not only glad, but thankful that I picked Pro Rehab in Chelmsford, M.A. After being evaluated by Dr. George Potamitis DPT.MS. who has diagnosed the problem. Kalpita Patel P.T.A. and Dr. Potamitis shared many careful and correct therapies and did not give up and extended many more sessions until I was able to function properly. I believe that by using the electrical stimulation machine the proper manual techniques and exercise equipment and proper exercise technique at home, I was in good hands and HAD NO MORE PAIN. Now we are attending my shoulder pain with the same precise treatment. Thank you Dr. George, Kalpita, and Virginia for your friendliness and good care. I recommend this office highly. "
Jul 28, 2020
"I LOVE PRO REHAB!!! From Sandra and Virginia at reception, to George and Tom for my assessments, and my personal favorite, my very own PTA ERIN!!! I have been going to PT at Pro Rehab for several months, off and on, for various ailments. The staff is always accommodating, friendly, professional, and above all focused on my wellbeing! Although Erin has been the key to my physical therapy achievements, the entire staff creates a welcoming atmosphere, which deters any procrastination or excuses to delay the healing process that Pro Rehab is known to achieve! I 100% recommended Pro Rehab for all your Physical Therapy needs! "
Jul 21, 2020

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  • I recently had rotator cuff surgery in my shoulder after a tennis injury and the pain was unbearable. In order to help ease the pain, I went to ProRehab in Chelmsford for pt and I was more than surprised. After several months of physical therapy with Dr. George and Kal, my shoulder felt perfect. The environment was great; I felt very comfortable while I was there and the staff was very friendly. I was back on the tennis court within days of my final appointment with them. I cannot thank ProRehab enough.

    Micah Jytte

    Awesome staff at ProRehab! Felt like the treatment was very personalized to my knee injury and pain. Both Virginia and Kal made me feel really welcomed while I was there. Within weeks my pain was gone and my limp subsided. Without doubt giving them five stars.

    Cristiana Maverick

    Amazing place! Very caring and friendly staff. Great appointment availability. Definitely recommend!

    Denise Alicea

    I've seen George at Pro Rehab for two sport related injuries. His clinical background and ability to diagnose the underlying cause of pain is profound. Unlike an MD who will diagnosis and recommend RX and rest, George explains the reasoning behind the underlying issue, what likely got you to this state and what rehabilitative steps are necessary to recover to pre-injury state. Both of my issues have been related to exercise overuse and muscle imbalance. George has been able to relieve pain while providing appropriate direction on how I can remain active and fit. He knows the mechanics of the human body better than any PT I have seen over the years. I highly recommend George and his team at Pro Rehab in both the Lowell & Chelmsford locations.

    Tara Krauss

    One of the best physical therapist establishments in the Merrimack Valley, hands down. After receiving surgery for a torn Palmar Radiocarpal in my wrist, I began visiting their Chelmsford location, and within months my wrist felt good as new. Pro Rehab is easily my go-to PT place.

    Maxime Mina

    Excellent!!! Very caring and more than happy to work with you to fit a solution that helps you best!

    Magen Morse

    I’ve been to ProRehab several times for different injuries over the past 9 years. Each time George has evaluated and recommended a treatment plan which has worked wonders and I’ve been back to normal in no time. George and Kal are a great team. The at home exercises are always well explained and easy to follow. Virginia makes sure the office runs smoothly for scheduling appointments and payments. They offer late afternoon (after work) appointments which is a bonus for me. Centrally located at the 495/3 interchange makes the office easy to get to and there is ample parking. I highly recommend them.

    Susan Farnsworth

    ProRehab did a great job from start to finish Getting me back the feeling normal. Everyone in that office made you feel comfortable and very helpful. Would recommend to everyone to go to them.

    John Grillakis

    I saw George for several months for a bad TMJ flare up. I felt very lucky to find a PT who specializes in this disorder and has such expertise and knowledge relating to it. His care and rehab program has made a huge difference in my quality of life. He treated my pain but also gave me the tools to help prevent future flare ups and work on fixing the underlying postural problems. My jaw now feels better than it did even before the flare up. Couldn’t recommend him more!

    Danielle McGinty

    I was referred to Pro Rehab after hurting my back. I go to the Chelmsford office which is not far for me. I was a little nervous but they soon put me at ease. The staff is amazing. Virginia at the front desk always makes sure my appointments are set. The PT team, George, Tom and especially Kal who have taken the time to help me get better are very professional. They explain everything. If I have questions about anything they are always there to answer and help. They are always checking to make sure I’m comfortable and doing ok while I’m there. Being hurt is not fun but knowing they care and they are helping me is reassuring. Please check them out if you ever need therapy. You will be in good hands.

    Lynda Cann

    My experience at ProRehab in Chelmsford Massachusetts has been fantastic. The Physical Therapists there are experts in what I need for my recovery, and how to achieve it. Furthermore, the entire staff is friendly, professional, and puts me at ease whenever I arrive for my rehab sessions. I know that my journey to a full recovery is in good hands at ProRehab, and I therefore recommend this facility with my highest praise.

    David Harvey

    I have pain at my left back/hip area for years. I could not sit for long and the pain bothered me at night too. I had PT at other place a few years back, but it did not fix the problem. I am very glad that I decided to give another try. I did my research online and found out that ProRehab had great reviews. Unlike other places (did not check), George did a thorough check on me and pointed out the root cause of the problem (a weaken muscle caused surrounding muscles to do extra work). So, he came up with the specific treatment plan for me and taught me the specific exercises to do at home. After about two and a half week, I suddenly realized that the pain was gone. I completed one month treatment and felt ten years younger! Thank you so much everyone at ProRehab!

    Tracy Fang

    By far the BEST physical therapist I’ve ever been to. George and Cali were able to rid me of my sciatic pain, which I suffered with for over a year and a half before going to see him. Since then, I referred both my parents, my daughter, my sister, and now my brother. I wouldn’t trust my friends and family to any other physical therapist. The staff is professional, friendly, and always attentive to your needs! Five Stars for sure!

    Carmen Pastrana

    I highly recommend ProRehab! I had a total knee replacement seven weeks ago. Thanks to Dr. George Potamitis and his wonderful, professional staff I have recovered more quickly than others who had knee replacements. Thanks to the treatments and exercises given me by the staff at ProRehab I have gained mobility, flexibility and strength in my knee. The staff answered all my questions and explained the stages of my recovery and they gave me wonderful encouragement. You always feel valued as soon as you enter the office. I owe my recovery to ProRehab.

    Pamela Osgood

    I am very happy that I chose ProRehab Physical Therapy of Chelmsford for my outpatient therapy. I had a total left knee replacement on December 17, 2019. Five years ago I had my right knee totally replaced. I have progressed much better this time and I know it is because of the individual one on one treatment I have received from ProRehab. I have been treated by George and Kali. They are both excellent. Kali makes me feel comfortable and knows how to push when needed. She encourages me to want to do my best and reassures me I can succeed. I have been to other rehab centers and this one is by far the best. Other rehab centers show you once how to do an exercise then leaves you alone without guidance. At a different facility I was told by another patient I was using a machine incorrectly and I could get hurt. I know that George and Kali would never let that happen. George told me I will be ready for the Olympics with their help. They stay with you, and if they do have to leave to help someone else, they come back to check on you constantly. My surgeon was pleased and surprised at how far I have advanced since using them. I highly recommend them. Also Virginia is professional and very friendly. She answers the phone schedules appointments, and basically runs the front office.

    Mary Ellen Cruckshank

  • I went to ProRehab after a repair of my ACL. My therapist was very knowledgeable about my particular condition and he clearly explained therapy goals. The treatment was personalized and involved many manual techniques and exercises that really helped me walk and run again without pain. I've had physical therapy in other facilities, but nothing comes even close to the treatment I received at ProRehab, thanks to George, Tom, and Erin.

    Suzie Finn

    ProRehab is my favorite PT management. Tom, Erin, Sandra are rock stars. George, Virginia, and Cal are also rocks stars and very helpful and take their work very serious. Thx ProRehab!! Many years of attentive services....

    John Dicker

    I’ve been to a lot of rehabs but after going here this is the best one. All the staff is great and I’ve never felt better!

    Andrew Giordano

    I’ve been to a lot of rehabs but after going here this is the best one. All the staff is great and I’ve never felt better!

    Andrew Giordano

    After surgery to repair my torn tendon I was looking for a local place to rehab my ankle to get back to work and I found this place. Love the people there answered all my questions and worked we'll with me to get me back to work capable status. Will definitely go back if or when needed.

    Randy Whitehurst

    As a first time patient to physical therapy, I didn't know what to expect. When taking time out of your schedule for multiple visits, you hope for the best. Erin Pendergast put me right at ease with her knowledge and personality. With her sense of humor, I looked forward to my apts. ProRehab Physical Therapy has a great staff, and really improved my flexibility. Thank you Erin and Tom!!

    Laurie B.

    Staff is extremely nice and helpful. Great place and I would recommend highly!

    Bryant Duque

    Excellent service and very knowledgeable, explaining the process of rehabilitation, they make it simple, and making sure you understand the process.

    Pedro Candelario

    By far one of the nicest staff I have come in contact with!! Although the clinic was difficult for me to find initially, I felt welcomed as soon as I walked through the door. I recommend these guys without reserve, they work wonders.

    Diantha Joel

    I went to Pro Rehab for work on some ongoing shoulder pain and they were great. It's a really welcoming and peaceful atmosphere inside and the whole staff did a great job listening to what I needed and working with me to reduce the pain in my shoulder. I highly recommend Pro Rehab!

    Whitney Hall

    Very helpful to be honest got me back of my feet within weeks. The workers are very easygoing and supportive I appreciate the help. 🙏🏽

    Gill Chantre

    Susan and Erin are the best.


    I have been a patient off and on for a long time. I have always found the staff very professional. They are clear in the instructions on the at home exercises. Very helpful from start to finish.

    Ellen Cassidy

    I absolutely recomend ProRehab for any physical therapy you need. I had rotator cuff surgery. 4 years ago, I went to a different therapy place, they had me do exercises by myself. Got me to 85% and said that's all we can do. I re-injured my shoulder at work. Went to ProRehab they worked with me used mechanical and manual massage on my shoulder. I asked why, the therapists answer, " OUR MOTTO is to get people back to 100% or a close as we can."

    They did I am now at 100% mobility. I would STRONGLY RECOMMEND ProRehab the staff and therapists along with the Dr. are very personable and caring and absolutely care about you and getting you back to 100%.

    Robin Proulx

    This place is great! The staff is really nice and they do their best to work with your schedule. I really recommend this location! Erin is the best!!

    Iorain Calderon

    Outstanding professional rehab facility with a trained, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff. Everyone works together in harmony like a well-oiled wheel making for a very relaxed setting while you are getting a good workout either on the bike, working with weights, or sitting with heat and some sort of stimulation electrodes. It does not matter if you are young or old George and Kalpita are caring and companionate to your needs. I just finished a rather lengthy rehab after a total knee replacement on my right knee. My left knee was replaced twice also. There is only one place in the area that I would recommend and that is PRO REHAB.

    Antonette Sevigny

    Today was my last day and since the first day I started going Erin P. always made me feel comfortable throughout the whole process, very sweet girl and always a smile on her face. Thank you, Erin for making this experience easier for me.

    Sindy Rios

    Highly recommended! The entire staff was so friendly and accommodating. They made the whole experience that much better for me. Thank you to Kal, She’s truly the best at what she does.

    I V

    My mother loves this practice, she said they have hands of gold! They are extremely good at their job and very professional. I took my mother there a couple of years ago for her lower back problems and this year, Erin and George are credited again with her feeling better after excruciating neck and shoulder pain. The front desk ladies are very helpful and nice as well. It feels great to have a friendly healing place to go when arthritis acts up. We’ll keep coming back! Thank you Lowell ProRehab!

    Victor Donescu

    George and Erin were absolutely amazing helping me through my injury. Always offering encouragement. The rest of the staff is great and personable. The exercises were fitting and manageable. Highly recommend them to anyone in need of physical therapy.

    Sara Panneton

    I love this office right when you walk in you get greeted by a beautiful smile all the time thank you Virginia. The place is always clean and smells amazing. The services given is overall great.

    Michelle Rivera

    Great Physical Therapist office! Went to this location post shoulder surgery and was a good choice. Excellent PT Assistants who are very attentive and knowledgeable. Received great care with specific PT routine and also good details for home rehab as well. Definitely recommend this location!

    William Tobey

    Friendly staff, courteous, knowledgeable, relaxed atmosphere, willingness to work with your schedule. Always a pleasure to go there. I highly recommend this place for any Physical Therapy and it is local too.

    Randy Whitehirst

    ProRehab is very professional from the moment you enter the facility. The staff is very knowledgeable and attentive to your needs from the initial consultation to the prescribed treatment. Wonderful customer service is apparent. Any questions you have there is someone who will discuss your concerns. From the initial smile at the desk to the therapy, you will have a #1 Rehab team in your corner!!

    Jim Boenis

    When I was pregnant, my OB/GYN referred me to ProRehab due to extreme lower back pain and ankle pain. I was working at a job where I was sitting for the whole day and getting up to use the bathroom was so dreadful because the pain of walking was unbearable!

    I can feel a huge difference after my therapy sessions and look forward to the improvements that ProRehab has to offer! Thank you so much for your services! I love working with the therapists in regard to living a better, healthier lifestyle! Very Pleasant, Professional, and Diverse community!

    Dina Janowicz

    Pro Rehab is great! The staff are always welcoming, and the receptionist makes you feel at home! It is always clean and well maintained! You are well taken care of with your level of pain they make sure you are comfortable and are always there to help! It is also a plus that they are very accommodating with your schedule and willing to work with you! Definitely recommended. 😊

    Amanda Brum

    Amazing people work here! They were able to get me back into shape within a month, and were concerned and dedicated every step of the way. Will definitely go back if I ever need physical therapy again.

    Devin Molloy